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When inquired about their own health, almost every second person on the street will complain about back problems. Yet once they say "my back", they rarely mean the anatomic structure itself however the painful twitches, twinges and pressures that plague them. According to a study about lower back pain in the German weekly magazine "Focus", at least eight from ten people suffer from this kind of episode within their lives. These complaints cost the nation's economy billions of Euros every year, in Germany alone as much as 50 Billion. Especially early retirees and people having to stop working because of injury are very pricey cases. In Germany patients and insurances pay at least 18 billion Euros for treatment, surgery and medication. In comparison, their state only spent 2.2 billion Euros for road and highway repairs. Incidentally, many people will treat their back pain with pills, heating pads and house remedies.

However, once the pain lasts for weeks and months, compromising one's daily activities, then your help of experts is needed. Spinal specialists for example orthopaedic surgeons, neuro-surgeons, chiropractors, psychiatrists, and physiotherapists make an effort to explain what helps. They offer answers to the most pressing questions: Where does pain result from? Must i go see a professional therefore, which? Do I really should "go underneath the knife"?

The spine is subjected to much drilling, bolting and chiselling. Critics of these procedures, many of them surgeons, believe that too many surgeries are being performed.

Lots of people call themselves back experts. Which kind of treatment does one need when the first is in pain? Throughout a simple bout of acute pain the household physician may be the first contact person. When the pain does not disappear, however, the problem gets to be more complex. Under most circumstances, the individual will undergo several types of treatments with respect to the specialist she or he consults. A neurologist includes a different knowledge of the case than an orthopaedic surgeon. There isn't any unity, and that is not a good situation. How do these specialists want to resolve the problem when the diagnosis and the therapy of the case drift apart for insufficient a greater plan?

Can there be indeed no "optimal" treatment for lower back pain? Are patients all too often undergoing unnecessary surgery? What is the reason for this? If pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy, or psychotherapy do not help, then what will?

Many chronic illnesses should not need to exist, if across the treatments even the "medica mente - health with the spirit" received more prominence. Because: what natural home remedies heal indirectly, the spirit has the capacity to heal directly. Spiritual Straightening of the spine encompasses the entire person. It straightens your brain, cleanses the soul, frees and aligns the spine. This re-programming of the person's everyday life occurs simultaneously on many levels, allowing the whole heart-, mind- and spirit organism to heal.

Gods Healing 2012

Spiritual Straightening after the originator and initiator Pjotr Elkunoviz is among the fundamental transformations for present life on this planet.

Spiritual Straightening may be the foundation to have an all-encompassing healing around the physical, mental and spiritual amounts of our existence. Like a visible and provable spiritual healing modality these days, Spiritual Straightening provides unique and lasting healing, as has been reported by hundreds of thousands of individuals. Spiritual Straightening represents a quantum leap into a new dimension of spiritual healing. Humanity is going to make more conscious utilization of spiritual healing powers than in the past. Simultaneously humanity is only in the beginning of the new spiritual therapy that later on will count more practitioners and followers than other present healing modalities together.

Lots of people suffer from an asymmetry within their bodies caused by evolutionary causes: a crooked neck, uneven shoulders, displaced neck, a curved and twisted spine, a tilted pelvis and uneven leg lengths. As a result many people will suffer from back pain, others complain of hip- and knee pain, or discomfort from the neck- and back muscles, even cardiac insufficiency or heart rhythm disturbances, bloating, renal problems and so forth. But in addition for people who suffer from depression, headaches and circulatory troubles there's hope. People with various physical and mental symptoms, who at one point were considered untreatable by conventional medicine, have been able to find healing through the release and straightening of the spine. Essentially each one of these illnesses come from a displacement from the vertebral column, because all vital organs, control centres, and meridians are affixed to it. The vertebral column is a vital structure from the individual, which stores all the information that's sent to the various parts of the body.

It may sound difficult to believe, but real help exists to rectify the distorted pelvis and unevenness of the leg lengths with no manipulation from the body. Discover for yourselves how the removal of these distortions indeed is the only way to heal the entire body.

For 22 years people have had the opportunity to see this excellent type of healing through Pjotr Elkunoviz. Thousands of people so far have benefitted from the powerful regenerative and self-healing processes that his treatment initiated, and helped free them of all kinds of ailments. Spiritual Straightening addresses the entire human being by establishing overall balance, in addition to restoring mental order in people afflicted with physical or emotional difficulties. This re-programming takes place within a matter of seconds without physically touching the body, and works simultaneously on all levels to cellular intelligence.

How does he heal?

What is, according to him, the cause of illness, and what's illness itself?

In Pjotr Elkunoviz' own words: "Illness is caused with the accumulation of input we received throughout all our various previous lives along our evolution. This information needs to be healed. I am able to read at the level of this information and thereby release root blockages, heal the life span matrix as well as beneficially change the genetic code". He thereby aligns the "mechanisms of the temporal cellular memory" and programs them toward sustainment. Even people hitherto judged beyond treatment by the medical establishment can be healed, as he has proven many, many times, he states. Immediately upon directing his healing impulse to the client, in his words: "all levels of the human being align themselves, and the 'Divine Order' establishes itself for the reason that individual!" It is exactly what essentially it's about, he says. "The distorted pelvis brought on by our evolution, also called the 'natural distortion from the individual' must be corrected. Furthermore, illnesses are often caused by the pressures from the mind!" Our thoughts can put extreme pressures on our bodies to the point of deforming it. Back pain is caused through injuries, that they is sure of, however in his view these are mostly emotional injuries, which manifest within the spine.

Pjotr alone is the initiator of this effective and miraculous energy, one which has never existed before. This energy is directed with the power of his mind, because he himself is that power. Through his healing work - led by God's divine law - changes take place in the world.

He considers his function as that of collaborating in God's creation. He calls himself "God's tool, the God within me heals through me. I personally am this power! I have been this power!"

"I am not Jesus, I'm not Mohammed, I am not a prophet." Throughout his treatments he guides the person who comes to him for help to him- or herself. But even though he helps the person heal him- or herself, the individual needs to be willing to participate in this process and contribute to the healing. "God heals!" Yet everyone may react differently, since every person's body and life story differs. "That is why various reactions are possible to the healing energy, from complete freedom of pain within a few moments, to light pain throughout the treatment, but that happens very rarely", the healer says. "Humans have the freedom beings", Pjotr Elkunoviz explains, "God created the human being in his image", he pauses: "in his image, not after his image!" In his opinion the task of the individual will be or become the picture of God, godlike, so to speak. He imparts this very knowledge in to the cells from the client, so the "fusion with God" might be fulfilled.

Everything occur in its own time, because time lies in God's hand. It has been so and will continually be that way. Should you read this information, then your time too originates to be straightened, because coincidences do not exist.

Spiritual Straightening activates the powers of self-healing, and so the body can also realize its process of healing.


The correction from the pelvis occurs very gently. Usually the client may go through an easy, pleasant sensation. An enormous energetic increase takes place throughout the treatment, preparing the way for further physical and spiritual development. The resulting free flow of energy energizes the person's everyday life force, which can now fully expand. Through this self-regulating life energy old blocks and debilitating patterns dissolve. The regenerative forces of nature are nowhere more visible than during this treatment, that is good at adults plus children.