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Where's Novalja?

Novalja is really a town located in an island in Croatia called Pag. It's located near the Adriatic Sea and it is noted for the Zrce beach, which is one among the biggest party zones in Europe, especially during the summer months.

Zrce beach has disco houses that run for 24 hours throughout the summer and bars start popping up across the beach to focus on tourists and partygoers. Various partying events are held from June as much as August. Zrce also offers two sides to it: the region where partygoers dwell and the other one that mainly caters to families going for a vacation.

Partying On Zrce beach

Being among the primer destinations on the list of serial partygoers, Zrce beach has facilities and companies that can cater to all of the needs of tourists. Partying events are held all throughout the time of year. Summer is dubbed because the "clubbing holiday" with a large amount of people who visit Zrce beach. Various DJs are invited towards the island during this time of the season to showcase their sets in front of thousands of partiers, with a few from the DJs being well-known around the globe.

Festivals and events that cater to big parties are always scheduled at Zrce beach, 24/7 during the whole summer months. During off-season, the area is a quiet and peaceful place, but it becomes alive once tourists start flocking.


The Novalja Environment

The area is located in a perfect spot in the Mediterranean, where the weather is flawlessly warm and sunny throughout the summer months. The majority of the tourists that gather here are young adults whose aim would be to party throughout the whole summer in the island.

Novalja also offers a peaceful side that comes out throughout the whole year that also makes it ideal for families along with other groups who aren't really available to partying rest and relax properly. With the main island having an variety of restaurants and other establishments that showcase authentic Croatian hospitality that tourists would enjoy.

What Else Can there be?

Novalja is a great spot to visit all through the year as it has the better of both world, peace and partying gets combined in a single premiere destination in the Mediterranean. Basilicas and forests can also be found around the island, if you are adventurous.

Parties will also be some of the best that Novalja provides. World-class events are organized by some of the greatest in the industry, making sure that everyone gets what their money may be worth. 24/7 parties also happen in Novalja, with some of these occurring on yachts and exclusive regions of the area.