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If you're looking over this Youngevity review, odds are you're interested in joining Youngevity and you're doing some research in it before getting started. In that case, I wish to encourage you to take a moment to go over this whole review so that you are fully equipped to create an educated decision concerning the company and business opportunity. Within this simple review, I'll enter in the company, the products, the comp plan and whether or not it's a good income opportunity.

youngevity home based business

First of all, let's go into who Youngevity really is. Why must this concern you if you're looking to participate? Because if the company has outstanding products with an outstanding compensation plan, however is not set up to be around down the road, then your products and compensation plan don't matter.

Youngevity is really a company that sells health and personal maintenance systems through a network marketing business model. They have been around for 10 years that is a testament to their stability. Their management team has well over Two centuries of combines experience of the industry. In addition, the organization includes a lot of documentation to back up its products and is the only real company in the industry to hold two approved health claims granted through the FDA. You'll want to observe that the company has a highly regarded Medical Advisory Board. Overall, the organization has existed for a while and appears to be poised for future growth.

So far as their products go, Youngevity markets over 400 products. They've an extensive line of overall health products, as well as personal care products. Their products include liquid supplements, in addition to supplements which come in capsule and tablet form. They also have a type of weight loss products called Slender FX. In addition, they likewise have a line of skin care products, a proper chocolate products and a line of home maintenance systems. The products turn to be of solid quality. But of course, if you're thinking about being a distributor, I would highly encourage you to definitely take a moment to complete your own research on their own products so you feel comfortable promoting them.

Now, let's cover the particular compensation plan. Youngevity's pay plan operates on a unilevel model and offers 9 different ways for you to get paid. For the sake of simplicity, all of the ways you can earn money could be divided into two categories: Immediate income and re-occurring income. The fact that the organization pays both short-term and long-term income to the distributors is a great thing thinking about joining. They likewise have different performance based pools you may make money with along with a car bonus you can generate based on your rank in the company.

In closing, Youngevity is surely a good company. They've been around for a long time, have observed people on their own corporate team, solid products and a fair compensation plan. However, having all that in position is not enough to that you should win. While it's obviously clear that having a credible clients are important to your business, ultimately, your success will heavily rely on your ability to recruit people and build an effective group of downline distributors. My professional advice is you make use of an effective Attraction Marketing system that allows you to market the proper way, generate leads and recruit people into your business. If you're able to combine online attraction marketing with duplicatable offline techniques, there's no telling how prosperous you can be with your Youngevity business.